Are Talibans on terrorism lists?

They are neither on the UN nor the US lists. The only group on
these lists is the Haqani Network, which is a semi-autonomous group within the Taliban.

Why do the Taliban appear when I search the lists?

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) appears,
but it is a different organization, operating in Pakistan, it is not the Afghan Taliban.

Why are they not on the lists?

Because there was a negotiation in 2020 between the Taliban
and the US. However, the UN resolutions that are issued against them have not ceased to be in
force, which implies that certain actions require the authorization of exceptions to the current
prohibitions (travel bans, assets freeze, arms embargo).

How are the Taliban financed?

They obtained 1,600 million (March 2019- March 2020) through
foreign donations, taxes, smuggling, drug production, mining, real estate, kidnappings (UN,

What happened to the Afghan government resources that they were deprived of?

They had
reserves of around 10 billion dollars in the US, which were frozen by the US.

Will the Taliban return to the lists?

It depends on the results of an eventual negotiation with
them, where the role of the Haqani Network (with ties to Al Qaeda) and allowing other terrorist
organizations to operate in their territory are central problems.