Partner | Director of Risk & Compliance

Martin Perez Le-Fort

He is a Master in Higher Education, ISAE Universidad (2020); MBA, Universidad Latina of Panama (Finance emphasis, 2015); Master in International Studies, University of Chile (1999); Undergraduate Degree in Sociology, University of Chile (1992).

Experience & Activities

He has the following specializations: “Operational Analysis of Suspicious Transaction Reports”, International Centre for Asset Recovery of the Basel Institute on Governance (Switzerland, 2021); “Terrorist Financing”, International Centre for Asset Recovery of the Basel Institute on Governance (Switzerland, 2021); Professional Diploma in “Anti-money Laundering and Terrorism Financing”, Universidad Latina of Panama (Panama, 2021); “Compliance Management Systems. Requirements and recommendations ISO 37301 (DIS)”, International Dynamic Advisors, INTEDYA (Spain, 2021, recognized by the World Compliance Association); “Fintech: Foundations & Applications of Financial Technology”, University of Pennsylvania (USA, Coursera, 2021); “ Regulatory Compliance”, University of Pennsylvania (USA, Coursera, 2021); “Investment and Portfolio Management”, Rice University (USA, Coursera, 2021); “Higher Education”. ISAE Universidad (Panama, 2019); “Senior Management”, Universidad Latina of Panamá (Panama, 2014). Diploma in Security and Defence, National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies – National Defence Ministry, Chile (1997).

He is an experienced international consultant and scholar. As consultant, he has been focused on investments, with emphasis on both political and investment risk, specially providing consultancy for investors from Asia interested on Latin America. Additionally, he has been centered on the compliance – risk analysis area, with emphasis on ISO 37301 and risk analysis tools (ISO 31010). On the other hand, he is focused on the new financial technologies – compliance relationship (cryptocurrencies, robo-advisors, etc.). Furthermore, he works on the new policies against global money laundering and terrorism financing in the global regulatory context, the role of USA, European Union, OECD, and other players, including the Financial Action Task Force. Also, he works on compliance culture assessment (surveys, interviews, and other methodological tools), improvement, and training.

As scholar, he was Director and researcher of the Asia-Pacific Center, Director of the Graduate School, and researcher of the Center for Strategic Studies, all of them in the Institute of International Studies at the University of Chile. Furthermore, in 2010, he was visiting scholar (position through international contest) in the Department of Political Science, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), teaching for graduate and undergraduate students. On one hand, he has been a researcher focused on People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, USA, and Japan from a multidimensional approach (economic, political, strategic, and financial). On the other hand, he also works on international security, including counterterrorism in a comprehensive view (national and international policies, terrorism financing, geopolitics, identitary and historical aspects, and methodological issues) and the UN peacekeeping operations.

Currently he is member of the Panama Chapter of the World Compliance Association.