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To become leader in creating ethical, effective, and comprehensive compliance programs together with our clients to increase their productivity.



Accompanying our clients to generate critical-thinking skills to create their own knowledge about ethics and compliance, to reach a conscious recognition about the correct interpretation of laws, regulations, standards, and risks as an everyday form of action at all levels.



  1. Ethics first: we believe in the necessity to operate according to the highest ethical standards with respect to our customers, employees, investors, society, and all other stakeholders in order to protect their interests.
  2. Sharing knowledge: learning and growing together with our clients to build knowledge.
  3. Quality and Excellence in action: Working with technical expertise and quality to effectively face daily challenges, which is what our clients expect and deserve.

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Alejandra Chacón M.

Partner | Director of Compliance

Martin Perez Le-Fort

Partner | Director of Risk & Compliance

Cristina Thayer

International Trade Compliance Specialist

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Carlos Q.Y.Independent Lawyer
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Despite being a lawyer, I had many doubts and confusions about the variety of new laws that have been emerging in recent years and I was overwhelmed by the number of obligations and responsibilities imposed on our profession in many of its activities and services. I am an independent lawyer and the responsibility of being up to date and training my "organization" depends exclusively on me, thus I am very grateful to Eticos Compliance because after several weeks of having contracted their services, I now feel prepared and with the knowledge to face my professional activities regarding all the legal standards imposed; I now have a compliance program, compliance manual and risk matrix based on my needs. I appreciate the theoretical and practical approach of Martín and Alejandra, and I appreciate their consistent and methodical work, as well as their follow-up and good will at all times.
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